Some of our most commonly asked questions and answers about AFOA.


Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Membership brings with it many opportunities to collaborate and network with industry peers and professional bodies. Your organisation will have access to a wide range of expertise online, via member communications and working groups, virtual and in-person events. As well as driving up standards of operational delivery within the aviation firefighting industry, membership will enhance the professional development of you and your staff.

Q. Who are your members?

Organisations or individuals with an interest in Aviation Rescue & Firefighting Services. AFOA has the vast majority of the UK licensed aerodromes as members, countless businesses within our supply chain, Local Authority FRS’s, and many more. It is an extremely broad association that gains input from a wide spectrum.

Q. Who runs AFOA?

AFOA is effectively an industry association, our committee hold the responsibility for direction and governance, however they effectively report and answer to the membership.

Q. What other bodies and organisations do you work with?

We work closely with the Airport Officers Association [AOA], the National Fire Chiefs Council [NFCC], Women in the Fire Service UK, JOIFF (fire hazard management) and IAFPA [International Aviation Fire Protection Association]. The Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] have spoken at many of our events and provide us with legislative updates and guidance that we disseminate to members. We continue to build affiliations with our international counterparts and work closely with the Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting Working Groups (USA). We also support the Fire Service Charity.

Q. What kind of events do you run?

We run four events a year comprising a main two-day conference with workshops and dinner
in February, an AGM in September and a further two mini conferences. During Covid-19 restrictions these events were held online.

Q. How have you supported the industry in the Covid-19 pandemic?

The art of emergency planning and operational resilience is second nature to the aviation firefighting sector but the Covid-19 pandemic required an unprecedented pace of response. We were able to share updates such as easements from the Civil Aviation Authority on a dedicated area of our website and held a webinar on the sector’s response to the pandemic where airports shared their key learnings and recommendations for future planning.

Q. Does AFOA provide guidance on industrial relations issues?

No. AFOA was formed with the clear mandate not to become involved in any form of industrial relation issue either in a direct or indirect manner. AFOA is only concerned with the development of standards, best practice, and the promotion of communications throughout the industry.

Q. How are you promoting diversity in the industry?

AFOA is committed to promoting equal opportunities and it is important to us that our membership represents the industry as a whole, not just senior officers. Much of our work is focused on developing the junior ranks. We have recently begun working with Women in the Fire Service to see how we can help to build more progressive airport fire and rescue services in the UK and Ireland.

Q. How do I join?

To become a member of AFOA contact us here.

Q. How much does it cost?

Around £100 per organisation.

Page updated September 2021.