Serco IFTC

Serco IFTC, has been training aviation fire fighters and fire service managers since 1981.

Serco IFTC

We offer an unparalleled choice of aviation fire training rigs, kerosene burns, use of dual media, six appliances, a state of the art virtual reality suite and a team of expert tutors who have all come from the fire service before specialising in training and education.

We hold a range of recognised accreditations including the International Civil Aviation Authority (TRAINAIR Associate Member), the French Civil Aviation Authority, UK Skills for Justice Awards and regulators in the maritime, offshore and high hazard markets which provide assurance in the quality, safety and high performance of our training.

As unparalleled experts in the field, we can work in trusted partnership with you to achieve cost efficiencies without compromising on the high standards of service your fire team is able to deliver.

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